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The Ultimate Global Digital Wallet For Your Online Earnings

Built exclusively for receiving, tracking, and managing your online earnings in one place. Without many annoyances of dealing with paperwork, high service fees, long intervals, sharing sensitive information like account numbers or personal details

Create Lightning fast No-code Payments links from your Phone

The Glim Links allows you to create open links in seconds and start accepting payments for your business in no time. Attach to website, social media, or share via any communication channels. Once payment is made, Glimpay automatically creates an invoice for the transaction.


Unlock Cashback On Every Transaction

Get up to 2% cashback for every 1000 Glim points you spend and redeem it instantly. Complete a purchase via the Glim app and your cashback will be automatically credited to your Wallet.

Access to affordable credit for getting your creativity off the ground

Complete your first transaction, connect your socials & platform accounts, and get access to affordable credit in minutes.

Payments Made Easier– Anytime, Anyplace

Create Invoices on The Fly

Payment made easy without a commitment. Free of cost, 0 paperowork. Pay as you like in the currency of your choice.

Instant Cashout & Speedy Deposit

Cash out to your bank account instantly with the best exchange rates and low service fees. Enjoy competitive exchange rates and low fee of upto 3%, depending on the payer's currency.

Track your Finance In One Place

Manage, organize, and track all of your earnings and your spending in one convenient place. No more paper receipts! Save time and plan efficiently.

Automate Your Tax Drafting In Minutes

Smart invoices that get to work just like you. Generate tax report and share the link with your accountant or use it for filing your taxes.

Get Paid from Clients Worldwide

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Bursa, Turkan
  • Bangalore, India
  • Pingxi, China
  • New York, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Karau, Cambodia
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Brazil
  • Chile

Why Glimpay?

Quick and Easy Sign-Up

Set up and start receiving payments within just 30 seconds

Earn Cashback Rewards

Glimpay offers cashback on every payments received.

Payment credited instantly

Receive money right away, no matter where it’s coming from.

International Payment, Simplified

Get the best rates for all your foreign exchange payments.

Low Service Fee

Flat 3% service fee on international payments.

24/7 Reliable Support

Our dedicated support works round the clock to make sure your payments are processed promptly.


Love from Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up in a simple one-step process with name and valid email id via our app. No complex paperwork

Glimpay is specifically designed to simplify accepting cross-border payments. Click “Create Invoice”, fill in your order information, share the link with your client. Simple!

Payments are instantaneous. As soon as your buyer pays, it will appear in your Glimpay account.

No fees charged on signup. For cross-border payments flat fee of 3% is charged to the payer
Sync your UpWork account and your invoices will appear in the app. For invoices with direct buyers, simply add them via taking a pic or upload the file from your phone

Yes, link your bank account on Glimpay and instantly transfer balance in your Glimpay account to your Bank Account


Best Pricing Plans


For enterprise use

My lady bits and bobs cup of tea bubble and squeak brolly.

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For enterprise use

My lady bits and bobs cup of tea bubble and squeak brolly.

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For enterprise use

My lady bits and bobs cup of tea bubble and squeak brolly.

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