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January 20, 2022 How glimpay works?

Glimpay is an earnings management platform curated for Freelancers and Creators, currently available for users in India and soon available globally. We make earnings management simple, secure, fast, and fun with the following key features:

  • Simple Signup
  • Single Click Creation and Share your Invoice with Invoice Payment Link
  • Instant Credit of Cross-border Payments
  • Drafting Tax Report
  • Glim Points
  • Referral Program

Simple Signup

Just signup on Glimpay with your phone number, and you are all set to receive cross-border and domestic payments. Share your academic, work experience, and social media information for a better user experience.

Single Click Creation and Share your Invoice with Invoice Payment Link

When you have completed your work, create an invoice with a breakup of tasks and the corresponding amount. Share the invoice with the Invoice Payment Link to your patron. Capture tasks of your work in as finer detail as possible to bring clarity of work done by you. Invoices created are archived and can be used for future reference and audit.

Instant Credit of Cross-border Payments

With Invoice Payment Link, receive payments from anywhere in the world. You will receive the credit instantly in your Glimpay account, which is available at your disposal on successful payment. Transfer your available Glimpay balance by adding and transferring to your Bank account. Soon, virtual cards and scan-pay will be enabled on Glimpay to make online and retail purchases.

Drafting Tax Report

Label your earnings and non-taxable expenses at a frequency convenient to you: weekly, monthly, or quarterly or whenever you receive a payment or make a non-taxable expense. With this, you will be ready to share a PDF draft with your accountant and simplify the accountant’s task of creating tax filing forms.

Glim Points

Every time you receive cross-border payments, you will earn “Glim Points” and redeem them as cash credit into your Glimpay account. In addition, with virtual cards and scan-pay enabled, you will earn “Glim Points” on purchases and save them as cash credit. We are working on more exciting offers to redeem your points.

Referral Program

We have a compelling Referral Program. When you refer your Friend to Glimpay and your Friend gathers a milestone of “Glim Points,” both of you will receive cash credit rewards. In addition, you will be able to watch your Friend’s progress on your app.

With Glimpay, we ensure hassle-free and be on top of your Global Earnings Management!

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