Payout Fee Structure and Credit Process

January 20, 2022 How glimpay works?

Glimpay works to give the best Fee Structure for cross-border payments and cooperative Payout Crediting Process to alleviate cross-border payment delays currently for Freelancers and Creators in India.

  • Cross-border Payout Fee
  • Payout Crediting Process
  • Domestic Payout

Cross-border Payout Fee

Through Glimpay, you will be able to create an invoice with the invoice payment link to your patron anywhere in the World. Three percent (3%) of your invoice amount will be charged as a transaction fee.

Payout Crediting Process

For Cross-border payouts greater than 20k, you will receive instant credit of 20k in your Glimpay account, and the remaining balance will be credited within the next three days, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Domestic Payout

Domestic payouts are instant and with no charges.

With Glimpay, be assured of hassle-free and straightforward payouts!

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